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Rack Studs Up to 2.2mm - 10 Trial Pack



Rack Studs - the new smart rack mounting system.

No more frustration and fighting with cage nuts.

Simple system that is quicker to insert, install, remove and reuse.

10x units per trial pack, 3 parts per unit.

Immediate next day delivery from local stock.

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Colour = Red Rackstuds, Yellow Washers and Black Top Studs
Product = 10 Pack

The Rackstud was born out of frustration, after fighting with cage nuts - cuts on hands, losing them at the bottom on cabinets and struggling to realign mounting holes. 
To install ensure that you locate the first Red rackstud at the beginning on the 'RU' space.  Insert sideways with the spring section towards the centre of the rack at 45 degrees.  Push the Rackstud in so that the spring clip latches on to the vertical rail.  Then mate the Yellow washers to create the opposing force required to lock the equipment to the rack.  Finally apply pressure to the front face of the installed equipment while hand tightening the Black top studs.
You will find that the Rackstud is a much simpler system than traditional cage nuts.  It is now much quicker to insert, install equipment, remove and reuse.  It goes in from the front, can come out from the front and is amazingly strong.
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    Sizing M6
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