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Hook & Loop reels of Velcro and rip-off strip ties help to manage and tidy networks


  • Eco Scratch 10 Metre...

    These high quality hook and loop 'Velcro' style handy 10 metre reels, are the easy way to tidy and manage network cables in comms cabinets and on desks.

  • Large Capacity Velcro...

    For larger jobs, our large capacity Velcro hook & loop reels are what you need. With reel lengths from 25 metres and available in up to 5 tape widths these tape reels come in colour variants to standardise installs producing a professional finish.

  • ID Scratch

    These handy 2.5 metre reels of hook & loop 'Velcro' style tape come on a handy pocket sized dispenser. Each reel of tape is pre-cut every 30mm making it easy to cut into manageable lengths when tidying your network cables.

  • Velcro Hook and Loop Ties

    Velcro hook and loop cable ties are the re-usable alternative to nylon cable ties. Each tie can be easily re-used or adjusted up to 200 times saving both time and money.

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items
Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items