Patchsave Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important aspect of our working ethos at Patchsave Solutions and is deeply ingrained in our core company values. Patchsave Solutions CSR Policy outlines the actions we undertake and beliefs we hold, to work successfully as a cohesive, integrated and compliant company.


Patchsave Solutions hold an ongoing commitment to ensure equality and diversity in the workplace and prevent any form of discrimination. We actively strive for better integration, particularly with minority groups including BME and LGBTQ communities. This encompasses an equal opportunity basis, whereby anyone has equal chance of employment and career progression.

Our local community are a vital part of the business Patchsave Solutions has become. We are proud to engage with local schools and colleges through offering work experience placements, as well as industry information for the future generation. Patchsave Solutions also holds the belief that social responsibility should extend beyond business locality; which is why we are proud to promote international human rights throughout our global supply chain.


Patchsave Solutions has an annual charity partner who is supported through donations, awareness, IT infrastructure support and volunteering. At Patchsave Solutions our team feel it is important to support small scale, local charities which hold similar CSR values to ourselves. We are extremely proud of our charity relationships and commit to engaging with them as often as possible.

The Environment

In recent years, environmental concerns have been a key focus regarding our CSR efforts. Patchsave Solutions have undergone a plastic packaging overhaul with reductions being made to all product lines. Part of our environmental responsibility extends through our supply chain, whereby we have chosen responsible suppliers who also hold the same values as ourselves. At our office we aim to minimise energy usage including reducing our dependence on lighting and heating, which in turn is reducing our carbon footprint. Patchsave Solutions also feel it is important to responsibly dispose of waste such as printer cartridges and batteries, in addition to recycling paper and cardboard. We also aim to be more sustainable by grouping deliveries and ensuring consignments are shipped together.

Our Team

Employees at Patchsave Solutions undertake an extensive CSR induction and take time to learn the core values which underpin our operation. Members of our team have opportunities to take time out of work to volunteer with our annual charity partner as well as any personal charities they have links with. Our management team accommodate annual performance reviews, through investing in our people with training and development opportunities.

Employees at Patchsave Solutions engage in a full compliant health and safety induction, to ensure we provide a safe working environment. Employees are paid in line with industry standards in relation to the work they undertake. At Patchsave Solutions we take every effort to broadcast a positive brand image, and encourage our team to do the same, through our channels of social media.

Ethical Trading

At Patchsave Solutions we encourage a positive purchasing culture which accounts for suppliers who hold similar CSR values to ourselves. This means we only trade in line with the ETI standards when it comes to; working conditions, pay, working hours and discrimination. We actively engage with our multilateral supply chain to ensure these standards are consistent throughout. Patchsave Solutions feel it is important to invest in both people and the subsequent relationships formed, as these allow us to deliver the high-quality products our customers expect. We aim to portray an honest and transparent image, by undertaking measures to ensure ethical trading continues, such as supporting workers’ rights.


Patchsave Solutions strive beyond legal obligations to ensure that we trade with society, the environment and people in mind. Our profits and management accounts are fully declared, and tax is paid in line with our legal responsibility. As a business we constantly work to undertake our operations in a transparent way, which promotes honesty and truth in the work we do. Patchsave Solutions not only comply to all industry standards but strive beyond, with the rigorous testing our products endure before sale.

CSR Summary Statement

The core values Patchsave Solutions hold and the culture we promote considers society, charity, the environment, our team, ethical trading and legality at the forefront of our work. We are committed to striving beyond what is expected of us, as we feel this is a sustainable way to conduct business. In this way, our core values radiate throughout the company, ensuring our impact is a positive one where we can act responsibly, with the wider community in mind.

Corey Meehan

Corey Meehan

Business Development Executive, Patchsave Solutions Limited