The ARC Data Cable Comb is a ‘must have’ tool for anybody installing Cat5e and Cat6 cables.  It has a hinged design with a quick release, meaning that the Cable Comb can be used to quickly dress the cable bundles in to IT and Communication racks.

Once the cables are placed in to position, the Cable Comb is small enough to follow that same route through the containment (either overhead or under floors) providing a professional looking finish for each bundle, right up to the patch panels.  It can also be used with longer length Cat5e and Cat6 patch cables for dressing in to racks and between cable management bars.

The Data Cable Comb can bundle together up to 24 Cat5e or Cat6 cables at a time.  The 13 inner cables are put inside the tool, which is then clicked in to place.  Next, the remaining 11 cables are pushed in to the outer housing slots, before you can then start to move the Cable Comb along the bundle.  It is important that you keep all the Cat5e or Cat6 cables in this order to ensure that great finish.

The bundles are then tie wrapped with Velcro straps every 15 – 20cm.  By installing multiple bundles in this way will not only create an aesthetically pleasing installation, also assisting with the heat dissipation.

As the bundles of cable enter each rack the Cable Comb will also assist with a smooth bend radius to meet the required manufacturer cabling standards.  This type of installation will provide user friendly identification and management of the system when handed over to the customer.

The ARC56DT Data Cable Comb is easy to use and will reduce your installation time.  It can be used across structured installations, server rooms and data centres and is a cost-effective and essential tool, available for next day delivery.

Russell Meehan

Operations Director, Patchsave Solutions Limited