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100% Copper patch cables are available in industry standard RJ45 Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a & Cat8 variant's and lengths from 0.15 Metres - 50 Metres.

Available in UTP (Un-twisted Pairs), FTP (Foil Twisted Pairs) in both PVC and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) outer jackets.

Our 15cm 1U & 20cm 2U short patch leads are ideal for port to patch replication, creating clean tidy, easy to manage patching.


  • Cat5e Patch Cables

    100% full copper category 5e Patch Cables are available with Flush moulded boots, Snagless boots or Bubble boots. Our range of RJ45 Cat 5e patch cords are extremely robust and versatile for use a cross an array of IT technologies including Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Switching, Wi-Fi AP's, CCTV and Server/PC hardware.


    Patch leads available as shielded Foil Twisted Pairs (FTP) or (UTP) Un-twisted Pairs with LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and PVC outer jackets, in lengths from our short 1U 15cm range to longer 50 Metres lengths each in up to 10 colour variants making it easy to colour code your installation.

  • Cat5e Installations

    Bulk reels of UTP & FTP, Category5e stranded & solid cable supplied on 305 Metre drums. Offered in a choice of PVC, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and external PE grade
    outer sheath (jacket).

    Quality Back boxes, Faceplates, Modules and Patch panels from Excel, we have everything you need for your Cat 5e installation found in one place.

  • Cat6 Patch Cables

    Available in UTP/ LSZH Snagless Boot, FTP/LSZH Bubble Booted and Flush Booted UTP/ PVC our range of RJ45 category 6 (Cat 6) patch leads are a versatile product to use with an array of IT technologies, including WI-FI AP's, CCTV, server/PC hardware and PoE switches (Power over Ethernet).

    With 10 colour variants for easy colour coding to help with easy identification and sizes from short 15 cm to long 30 Metre lengths, including our 15cm 1U & 20cm 2U short length patching, which are popular with in data centre environments.

  • Cat6/6a Installations

    Excel Cat6 patch panels, faceplates and modules. 305 metre UTP solid or stranded, PVC & LSZH Cat 6 cable for internal and external patching.

  • Cat6a Patch Cables

    Category 6a (Cat6a) 10 Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet patch leads certified to Gigabit 10/100/1000/10000Base-T(X)standards to 600MHz.

    Available as LSZH Bubble Booted S/FTP, Snagless LSZH F/STP and U/FTP Snagless Small Diameter variants in up to 10 different colours and lengths from short 2U 20cm up to longer 20 Metres.

    Our Cat6a Slim U/FTP Small Diameter Snagless Booted Patch Cables come supplied loose without packaging to aid in quick installations and help stop plastic waste.

  • Cat8 Patch Cables

    100% copper Cat8 certified 26Awg high density snagless boot RJ45 patch leads. 40 Gigabit shielded SFTP cables with a PVC outer sheath.

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Showing 361 - 361 of 361 items