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Jacarta PowerZook PDU Sensor


PowerZook is a non-invasive power sensor that can be installed on single-phase, 3-core cables without system downtime to provide power usage readings via SNMP.

PowerZook clips around the outside of rack input power cables to monitor the power draw of the rack equipment for loads of up to 32A.

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Colour = Black

PowerZook can be quickly calibrated on your PDU input power cable and configured using its browser interface.

Once installed, PowerZook will make power usage data available via SNMP (v1 or v3).

The power data harvested can then obviously be tracked, logged and analysed as required to enable your rack power to be managed as efficiently as possible.

PowerZook is an unobtrusive, robust and durable sensor.

Once installed, it is maintenance-free and, in the unlikely event that a swap-out for another unit is ever required,
there will be no disruption to your network or power to the rack.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers power usage information via web-browser interface & SNMP
  • No downtime required for installation so can be installed in live environments
  • Integrates with SNMP-based Network Management Software
  • Web browser interface for configuration and remote connectivity
  • PoE for easy network integration
  • Small, light, unobtrusive
  • Maintenance-free

PowerZook Monitors

  • Power failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Power usage
  • Current overload conditions
  • Unusual power usage patterns
  • Cable/wiring faults
  • How long equipment is in use or idle
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    Product Set Power Distribution Units
    Colour Black
    Brand Jacarta