C13 to C14 IEC 60320 Power Jumper Cables There are 51 products.

IEC 60320 C14 to C13 extension power cables, available as standard, locking and angled variants, in lengths from 0.30 Metres to 10 Metres.


  • High Grade C13 to C14...

    C14 Male connector - Female C13 IEC60320 data centre grade extension power leads to fit PDU, UPS and other active network equipment. Different coloured cords allow for clear identification in server racks.

  • Locking C13 to C14 IEC...

    The Female C13 connectors simple locking mechanism, locks the IEC power lead into any standard C14 Male connector of a PDU, UPS or any other active networking device.

  • Splitter C13-C14 IEC...

    IEC C14-C13 splitter power extension leads, allow 2 devices to share 1 power outlet. Fully moulded cables with 2 Female IEC C13 Connectors leading to one IEC Male (C14) at the other.

  • Angled C13-C14 IEC...

    C13-C14 IEC Angled Cables are available with the C14 (Male), C13 (Female) or both connectors angled Left or Right for when space is at a premium. Suitable for UPS, PDU's, network switches and many other data network environments.

  • C13 & C14 Secure Sleeves

    C14 (Male) & C13 (Female) secure sleeves help to prevent IEC320 power leads from accidently being disconnected.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 51 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 51 items