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Kettle Leads & IEC Power Cables Online in the UK

Discover the perfect kettle lead or IEC power cable for your needs at Patchsave Solutions. We offer a wide online selection for UK businesses and consumers. Our extensive range includes kettle leads, IEC power cables (C13, C14, C15, etc,), extension cables (0.5m to 5m), and UK, International and Commando plugs. Whether you need standard, locking, angled variants, 5Amp or 13 Amp fused UK plugs, or Euro Schuko options, we have you covered. Plus, find secure sleeves and adapters to prevent accidental disconnects for servers, UPS, and more.


  • C14 to C15 IEC 60320...

    'HOT' IEC C14 to C15 60320 power extension cables allow connection of active equipment that has a C16 socket, such as a UPS, Servers, PDU's and rack mounted switches.

    Available in 10Amp, 15Amp & angled variants and lengths from 0.5 Metres to 5.0 Metres

  • C13 to C14 IEC 60320...

    IEC 60320 C14 to C13 extension power cables, available as standard, locking and angled variants, in lengths from 0.30 Metres to 10 Metres.

  • C19 to C20 IEC 60320...

    Our range of C20 to C19 power cables are available in locking & angled variants as well as standard 16Amp & 20Amp extensions. With a choice of lengths from 0.5 Metres to 5 metres.

  • UK & International...

    5Amp & 13Amp fused UK plugs and Euro Schuko plugs to IEC 60320 C13, C15 & C19 connectors with cable lengths from 0.5 Metres to 10 Metres

  • Hybrid IEC 60320 Power...

    When you need something different in a power cable our range of hybrid cables are what you need. Including standard IEC 60320 connections C13, C14, C15, C19, C20 and 16Amp & 32Amp commando extensions.

  • Secure Sleeves & Adapters

    Our secure tension sleeves help with the prevention of IEC 60320 power extension leads from accidently being disconnected from servers, UPS, PDU's, switches and all types of active networking equipment.

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Showing 25 - 48 of 151 items